About the Procedure of a Dental Bridge

dental bridge

The procedure of a dental bridge is used by people with weak teeth who need an extra pair of teeth. It is a bridge made to support the remaining teeth after a tooth has been extracted. In some cases, a misaligned tooth can also need this procedure. The practice is more common in women because they generally do not have the strength to force a new tooth in the same location.

The individual and their mouth need to remain stable for the procedure to be successful. Also, the structure of the lower jaw needs to match the shape of the upper jaw to prevent misalignments that can result in bad alignment.

How the Procedure Works

The procedure is different from any other procedure and can include one or two treatments. The procedure may require a stay in the dentist’s office and might even require removing some teeth before the entire mouth is filled with replacement teeth.

Implants are rarely used. People with weak teeth can get implants but most often the implant will be a bridged tooth and the rest of the teeth that need to be replaced are supported by a removable bridge.

People who have experienced damage to their teeth or who have a good health history can get this procedure done. The procedure is less invasive and less expensive than a full set of dentures. The dentures can cost $500 or more per pair.

Having this procedure done may seem like a huge expense. That can be hard to swallow, but the procedure can often be cheaper than having the damaged teeth fixed.

Those who suffer from asymmetrical teeth, usually in the lower jaw, may not want this procedure. A stronger foundation can be used for a prosthetic rather than a bridge.

Speaking To Your Cosmetic Surgeon

You should speak with a cosmetic surgeon about your needs and wants before undergoing the procedure. There are things you should know, such as the types of teeth that are damaged and the location. For example, if your teeth are misaligned in the upper and lower jaws, a dental bridge may not work.

If you have weak teeth, a procedure called bridge fusion can work to strengthen them, but the process can also take place when temporary plastic or metal braces are placed on your teeth to hold them in place. The cosmetic dentist will assess whether you need a dental bridge to replace missing teeth or a bridge that you can keep permanently in place.

Cost is one of the considerations when making a decision on whether to have a bridge or dentures. It is important to understand how much the procedure will cost and the kind of dental procedure you want.


There are several surgeons in North America who can perform the procedure. A consultation with one of these surgeons will allow you to meet with the surgeon and discuss your concerns. They will ask questions about your lifestyle and how long you intend to use dentures.